Friday, November 20, 2009

No Air, No Air, No Air....

It is always so weird when I think back on the past weeks that I have spent here in Morocco. There is so much that goes on. There is so much that I am just not eloquent enough to describe so that people would understand. I wish I could, but I feel as though that that will be something that occurs through reflection, after the fact, months or even years from now.

So can I just say that my dorm looks like a resort. Seven beautiful buildings side by side forming a very quaint courtyard-- fixed with trees and benches ready for one to study and do homework. My room is not quite as fancy…but it's 10 (if not more) steps up from Semple. I have a kitchen, my own bathroom, desk, two closets, and a bed. A lot of the locals refer to our dorm as "Fox River" I don't get the reference, let me know if you do. There is a curfew and if you're late you get in trouble. Well being an American and not knowing the language is quite a blessing. Time after time I stroll in way passed curfew and the guard just shakes his head in disappointment and as painful as that sounds I think I can handle it. A lot of people have quite a problem with the curfew…my friend Mehdi said "'re passport is blue. Mine is green. That's why you don't mind." Let me run through some positives and negatives…


-cute guys, my age


-no squat toilets

-cleaning service (yup people come in and clean my room twice a week)

-cute guys

-(if it ever gets fixed) the internet

-My roommie Lacie


-girls are kind of rude

-they're all gorgeous

-they dress for school like they're going to a party, on the reg!

-I have to find my own food (I'm so tired of bread and cheese)

-I have to buy my own toilet paper

Overall picking the dorms was a good choice on my part but there are definitely those days where I don't forget that I am in a developing nation.

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of [accidently] having a clubbing experience. Armaan and I were at it again…messing up at everything. After 15 minutes of hardcore debate we tore ourselves away from our Pakistani/green/black tea and we went over our friends Jake and Toshi's apartment. We were apparently the only ones unaware of that fact that we were going to the club. I was not properly dressed for the club. I had on scrubby jeans and a [not real cute] top…make-up was not up to par and my hair was curly and kind of looking a hot mess (you know how I do). To top it all off I was straight up wearing flip flops (and not the cute kind…the 2 for $5 kind from Old Navy)!!!

So they have this friend named Hicham. He's kind of a big deal, dude has more connections than an old school telle. And he's also kind of OLD. After an awkward situation of being introduced (too embarrassing for even me to let the entire world know…ask me if you want those details) I decided I just wanted to go home. That was just not going to happen. Apparently in order to get in to a club you need to have girls with you. We were their tickets in. SO they pressured us to go. We then get informed it's going to cost 200 dhs. AGAIN we tried to leave. Didn't work. After a confrontation with Toshi in the club all you see in the middle of the dance floor is two badly dressed girls who look like they want to cry. Our friend Zoe tried to cheer us up by saying it doesn't matter…we're American, it doesn't matter what we look like. Our response? "you're American. We just look like poor Moroccans." As usual not one guy cared what we looked like but we got some mad looks from these girls who looked like they were dressed up for the prom. After some nice words from our friends Brahim and Saber we got down with our bad selves. It was a fun night, sort of. This creeper kept following me around…I was doing mad laps avoiding him. There is a picture of him and I on this website. My face: priceless. By the end of the night I ended up having what felt like an asthma attack from the smoke in the room…so it was just a wonderful end to a very stressful night. No inhaler…so I finally fell asleep 4 hours later finally breathing, almost normally. The club itself was baller. It looked like a hip underground that you would find in the states. I would like to go back…with the appropriate attire.

Soon to come...a blog about my trip to MISR!!!(EGYPT)