Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girl, You Walk With a Purpose…

So I am living in a country non-native to myself and my friends …and of course it goes without saying that American women (around the world) have been portrayed with a certain stigma (due to our lovely entertainment industry)…and just case you don’t know what I am talking about it means the entire world thinks that we are EASY. That being said I have had some interesting encounters with Moroccan men. A lot of times it’s just “yahlla yahlla, jameela w bella w leilla” really just anything to call you pretty and get your attention or other times it has been as forward as "Oh my goodness, you are very hot. Welcome to my country".

Last night Armaan and I ventured out for the first time alone-- by alone I mean our house mom refused to let us walk alone so she walked us to where we were going, pretended to say goodbye, and circled us without us knowing until we found who we were meeting…I spotted her and I can only imagine how dumb we must have looked to her.

We met Ally and Marguerite for qahuwa (coffee). Our wait for them we had very little attention drawn to us. We try not to speak very loud so no one hears us speaking English…and as of yesterday we decided speaking Spanish was a better idea…there were some creeper looks but no cat calls of any sort. When the four of us began to walk together our creeper looks increased by a margin of 85% (ok, I don’t really know what that means…but it was a lot). Marguerite is a really beautiful blond and apparently there aren’t very many of those around here. Someone got close enough to Ally that they whispered “hot” into her ear, all really harmless yet disconcerting at the same time.

The trend around here is to scare you. People intentionally get in your way and bump into you. We were warned this would happen and a lot of the times they don’t even touch you. But it’s annoying as hell and I’ve mastered the smaH lee- mashe muskee (excuse me- oh, it’s ok) dialogue. Most times we just ask our house brother to go with us…and not gonna lie he does a banging job protecting us. No one looks at us and we get a nice little tour.

Last night when we parted ways from the other girls we began the walk home. We had some creeper eyes but nothing too bad. The most hilarious thing is the blowing kisses (even from twelve year olds, because even they think its ok) and the pre-pubescent boys who serenade us while were walking. We were serenaded three times in just our walk home.

So in the USA let some little boy try and serenade me…in a flash he’d know what I was thinking. But when not in the USA you have to take a different approach. I have mentally noted the things to remember.

Notes to self: ignore, act like you know where you’re going (even if you don’t), and girl, you walk with a purpose. People tend to leave us alone after that.

Armaan put it best after going through our last group of guys/song before reaching home “it’s like a gate that we have no choice but to go through it.”


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