Sunday, September 6, 2009

Days 4,5,6...

It's been a little crazy here. I felt like I did not stop moving since the day I boarded the plane for Houston. Now that I am slightly settled it will be a little easier to keep updated.

My aiport experience was not a bad one. I had a really long layover in Dubai...but of all the places to have a 14 hour layover Dubai isn't a bad place to have one.

I met friends (you know because I'm so shy).

I met this really amazing 17 year old Norweigian girl who had been living in Canada and was on her way to live in South Africa for the next two years. She was a pro at the airport thing and I really felt like she and I were best friends for those 10 hours spent together. Despite my stealth ways I met Tris, a British college student catching a flight to Korea...where he would spend the next year working and studying business. He never really understood anything I said...but was hilarious nonetheless. Besides the few random people I also met the nicest Persian man. He gave me tons of advice and eased my nerves having to be in the airport for so long. He never really said goodbye. I blinked and was gone. I looked all around and he was no where to be found. CREEPY. I know. But he helped me :)

Dubai to Casablanca was another 7hours. I was flat out exhausted by this point. Going off a 30 minute nap. We took the bus to Rabat...I was given 30 min to take a shower and come down. We did the stressful task of getting Dirham (Moroccan currency) and a phone that would work. 340 dirham spent and we were off for a tour. And bytour I mean we were taking laps around the the least 5 miles and I feel like I'm shooting wayyy under. We went to the market and bought food then took another hike to the Boregreg River for a picnic. There are no words for how beautiful my first sunset in Rabat was.

I had kous kous for lunch. Imagine a foot wide and 8 inches tall piled with vegetables and chicken...mezenine indeed.

Today I am in Fes. We took strolls through the Medina and watch the livliness that comes with breaking fast during Ramadan. It's surreal. I am living with a house family that are more than hospitable with a roomie (Armaan) that is probably more down to earth than anyone I know. My whole group is probably the best group of people ever (I mean it doesn't hurt that they laugh at my jokes). Even today when a cat jumped on my crotch...and allowed me the chance to share my knowledge of toxoplasma gondii...we just had some good ol' conversation.

I'm excited for my first class of Colloquial Moroccan Arabic tomorrow :)


Caitie said...

I am so excited you got to share your knowledge toxoplasma gondii. I knew it would come in handy.

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